Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day With A Sweet Spirited Friend !

Sweet Loving Edith !
Today I started out by taking care of business in Rockport. 

Then My spirit said to stop and visit a dear sweet spirited friend named Edith.  My blessings just kept overflowing all day in my interactions with Edith.

Why she has a glorious sense of humor, made me keep laughing.  How wonderful to know such a loving christian lady.  She is such good medicine with her laughter quite frequently.

We sat on her back deck and shared coffee together basking in the sun, and soaking up mother nature. Edith has an amazing family that has come thru a lot of trials with deep love in their hearts.  God Bless them all !

After about an hour or so we sat at computer and started cleaning it up of unnecessary programs and alike !  Why I got told I had the patience of Job doing this computer work for her.  My perspective is that I love what I do, and to be helping someone is even better.

Edith made sandwiches for us to snack on and keep our energy up.  Even had a Resses Cup, chuckle !

Worked maybe another hour on computer, and proceeded to shut it down.  I had reached my limit working on it, chuckle.....

We finished our visit off sitting on the back deck again. Why it had cooled off about that time.  Sitting and chatting and laughing was wonderful.  We said our good byes with lots of hugs and well wishes.

Adios My dear sweet Edith !

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  1. Love being with you Edith, for the Lord has truly Blessed you !